1. Select a Design and Layout - Simply select one of the several site designs available. Each design has a unique number allowing you to identify the style of web page your desire. Visit SOLUTIONS to view our design gallery. If you would prefer to, you could instead consult with one of our friendly web design professionals to create a distinct personality for your Web site.

2. Tell us about your needs - Contact us through our simple email form and tell us about your project's requirements and goals. This is a free, no obligation, initial consultation which will allow us to make sure the package you are interested in is the right one for your web venture -- whether your site is a Basic, Silver, Bronze or Gold, we're dedicated to making sure your online presence needs are met. If you have seen a design in our gallery that you like, please be sure to include it's Design Number with your information. If you have any pre-existing photos or graphics you wish incorperated into your web presence, please let us know at this point so we can make certain these elements are compatable with the design you have chosen. We will provide you with a quote clearly specifying the scope and costs for your project.

3. Acceptance of Quote - Upon your acceptance of our quote for your web presence project, we will begin the creation of your site within the time-line specified in our quote.

4. Provide Information About Your Business - At this time we will need all relevant information about your services for inclusion in your web presence. This includes content and information specific to your business as well as any graphics or logos you wish included in your site.

5. Design Development - A two page example of the site will be created for your approval. This example will be based on our previous consultation and quote. Upon your acceptance we will continue the creation of your entire web site.

6. Choose or Transfer a Domain Name - During the site creation process, we'll help you register a domain name that promotes your business. If you already have your domain name or an existing web site you can choose to host your site with Tech-Style or at the hosting company of your choice.

7. Review and Go Live - Once your web site is complete, we'll hand it off to you and provide tips on maintenance and support. The web site should go live within 3 business days from your review.


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